I had the opportunity to be selected by KCOS 13 PBS as one of the (10) filmmakers for Season 5 of their documentary series Only in El Paso.

Running for City Council can sometimes open doors you didn't know were there in front of you along. In this case, after everything was said and done after the election, Mr. Rick LoBello, the education curator from the El Paso Zoo, reached out to me about a possible project.

Hearing of my film making background during the campaign, Mr. LoBello proposed a few ideas about some documentary stories he wanted to tell, and one of them was about the Mexican Wolf. He then proceeded to show me an 8mm film that he shot back in the 1970s of one of the last Mexican wolves in Texas.

The footage was nothing short of majestic.

During my city council campaign, my wife, Sandy, and I went to see the new endangered species mural at the El Paso Convention Center. The mural highlighted endangered species of the borderland such as the Mexican wolf.

The El Paso Zoo had an information booth about the Mexican wolf and we collected information about the Zoo's efforts of reintroducing the wolf back to Texas.

I was sold on the idea and I told Mr. LoBello about the series Only in El Paso and that they were looking for unique stories, especially those that would highlight unique things about the city of El Paso.

Thus, our short documentary episode about the Mexican wolf was born.

Watch and enjoy!

The Mexican Wolf - Only in El Paso S05 E01 from MindWarp Films on Vimeo.


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