May 18, 2016

By: Stephanie Gua

EL PASO, Texas -  The film industry in Albuquerque and Las Cruces is growing fast. The same cannot be said for the Sun City.

El Paso City Representative Peter Svarzbein hopes better tax incentives for the film industry will create more jobs and keep El Paso's talent from leaving home.

New Mexico offers up to 30 percent for films and television.  Last year, Texas cut its film incentive program by two-thirds.

El Paso filmmaker and producer Carlos Corral would like to see more film projects brought to the Sun City.

"We have like 300 days of sun and that is perfect for film production, especially if you are outside," Corral said.

When we met up with Corral at his Mindwarp studio, he had three scripts sitting on his desk and was mixing audio for a film. Corral believes there is plenty of talent in El Paso to staff movie productions.

He and other filmmakers worry Texas isn't doing enough to lure television and film companies to the state.  New Mexico is offering big tax incentives. Those added up 288 million dollars being spent directly into the state's economy just last year. It's a trend not lost on El Paso city Rep. Peter Svarzbein.

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