MindWarp Entertainment in association with DoubleScope Films are currently casting for a short dramatic film titled Gatekeeper. The film is written and will be directed by UTEP student Gerry Facio.

CASTING CALL: May 21, 2016

LOCATION: 5980 Silver Springs Dr. El Paso, TX 79912


We are currently casting for the following roles:

Leo (19-34)
A young amateur boxer who is up and coming in the boxing circuit. While he is not the most experienced boxer, Leo knows how to take a punch. His emotions tend to get the best of him at times, both in and out of the ring.

Rebecca (19-34)
A young business owner of a flower store. Rebecca and Leo meet by chance. She doesn’t condone his boxing lifestyle at times but is understanding about the pursuit of his career choice.

Jay (55-75)
A veteran of the boxing circuit who has since retired. Leo reminds Jay of himself when he was younger and how he did not have male role model in his life. He has taken it upon himself to help Jay train for his upcoming boxing match.

Referee (45-75)
He is charged with enforcing the rules during a boxing match.

Please email Carlos Corral at  carlos@mindwarpllc.com  to setup an audition and appointment time for May 21st, 2016. You may email your headshot to Carlos Corral when you schedule your appointment.

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